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USC Trojans Ladies Sweater Dress – Cardinal

When it comes to a victory for your Trojans there?€™s no such thing as an ?€œunfair advantage.?€ That?€™s good ?€” since this USC sweater dress is your secret weapon for helping your favorite team pull out a win. No it isn?€™t a top secret experimental suit that can push your abilities to superhuman limits thus allowing you to directly influence the game. It is however a form-fitting soft and warm dress that will have you looking like the sweetest thing in the stands. Not only will this dress provide a boost for USC but rival fans won?€™t be able to stop themselves from checking you out. The more fans you distract the less support opposing teams?€™ fans can muster. It?€™s a win-win for you and your Trojans!




$ 69.95